In our quest for puffins, and our mild success of spotting two puffins at Bullers of Buchan, we headed out to Fowlsheugh, which is a coastal nature reserve just south of Stonehaven, and is well known for it's high cliffs and the thousands and thousands of seabirds which nest here.

If you're lucky enough to find a space to park in the car park, then before you head through the obvious trail to the cliffs, be sure to head just down the road past the houses to check out some of the smaller cliffs and also the small waterfall.







After checking out the waterfall, and annoying some guys who were fishing, we headed back up the hill, through a gate, and started walking along the cliffs.

If you can't bare the smell and the noise of the thousands of birds, or the height of the cliffs, then maybe it isn't the place for you, but if you're here to spot some puffins and love playing Where's Wally?, then this is definitely the place for you!

We walked all the way along the cliff trail until the end, stopping wherever we could to try and catch a glimpse of puffins, but sadly, no joy.





We had been sat in the same spot at the cliff edge at the end of the trail for about half an hour or so, when I started to pack up my things and Emma somehow managed to spot some orange amongst the birds on the cliff, and rightly so, a puffin!

Here it is in all it's glory!




Puffins at Bullers of Buchan

Last October myself and Emma took a drive to Bullers of Buchan which is just north of Aberdeen, and learned that this was actually a good spot to see puffins when they are nesting, however, with it being October, we were a little out of season. In the post I wrote back in October, which you can check out here, we said we'd be back, and that's exactly what we done last Sunday.

We headed out to the car park which is just off the main road near Bullers of Buchan, and made our way down to the collapsed sea cave and surrounding area. As we neared, the noise from the birds was crazy, and there were literally thousands of them nesting all around.



We spent some time wandering around the top of the sea cave, making sure we were scouring the walls of the cave to see if we could spot any puffins. I think we probably spent around an hour and a half looking, but sadly couldn't see any.



There was one last spot we wanted to check out though, so we headed back in the direction of the path to the car park, and headed up and round to the right where there is a path which leads around the side of the cliff. Plenty more birds were nesting around here also, but sadly, there were no signs of any puffins...




Just as we were getting ready to leave, I caught a glimpse of some orange on a bird flying off the side of the cliff, and rightly so... a PUFFIN! We waited for a few minutes to see if it returned to the same spot, and we were in luck as two appeared back to the exact same spot on the side of the cliff.


There were a little far away so we spent some time trying to get a couple decent images of them, and then we headed back home. We'll be back next month though when hopefully more have arrived, so be prepared for a post filled with puffins!